16 nights, 17 days in Africa!

We are excited to announce the next Akuma Adventures tour to Ghana will take place March 26th, 2018.

Itinerary is available on request

The 2018 Itinerary will be an adaptation of the 2016 version.  We will be based in the Ghana capital, Accra.  We have an internal trip within Ghana. We travel to the Volta, Ashanti & Cape Coast regions in the comfort of an air conditioned bus, on interesting roads, to interesting places…!!

On most days we start with an optional whole group dance session, followed by a drumming session.  These sessions are suitable for complete beginners, or more advanced enthusiasts.  Sometimes we take a break from this, if we need to travel somewhere.  Extra individual drumming or dance lessons are available for those who are interested.

For most activities, we travel and participate as a group - however, we also allocate ‘free-time’ for people to follow their own interests.

Our teaching team will participate in most tour activities, and travel with us on the bus. In 2016 this was Koffie, Bismark, and 2 or 3 other local friends.  They also act as our guides, minders, local liaison, backing vocals on the bus, and advisors.  You will feel very safe and protected at all times..!

Questions very welcome…!  Contact us

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