Kind words

‘Mega doesn’t even begin to describe this trip. An absolute must for anyone who has ever had even the smallest inclination to have an amazing African adventure!’ 

Laura Beattie, Akuma Adventures ‘16

‘A most amazing journey with an incredible bunch of people. Anyone contemplating the next tour, DO IT, you won’t be disappointed. Start saving now. Ghana is a place of many contrasts. The beauty immediately stands out above all in the people, their dance, their drumming, their music and their spirit. Thank you to Sam, Jennifer & Robert for organising such an inspiring adventure and to everyone else for making it such a memorable 18 days.'

Julie Nolan, Akuma Adventures ‘16

‘When people ask me “how was Ghana?” I find a lovely glow starting from within and radiating out through my face; then I say with an enormous grin, “it was utterly magical! I had the Best Time-ever!” I have not ever felt this way after a trip before. I honestly think we were an amazing group and so very fortunate to have been together having ‘An Adventure’. All the activities were so diverse and we followed the motto…’be open to anything!’ I have been deeply touched by everything. I feel so blessed. A big thanks to Jennifer and Sam, to Koffie and Bismark, and to Eric.'

Adrienne VanOpdorp, Akuma Adventures ‘16

'I can't thank you both enough for all your input and efforts into making the Ghana tour the trip of a lifetime for us all. I have travelled extensively but have never before felt so safe  and secure and exposed to the number of deep and meaningful experiences that we all were, without having all the responsibilities that you both mastered so admirably. I thank you.’

Mary Khalil, Akuma Adventures ‘16

If you would like to speak directly to one of the 2016 tour party about their experience, we are happy to organise that for you. 

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